Transform Your Concept of Outdoor Living With Premium Retractable Awnings and Patio Canopy Covers

Living in the Lower Mainland and the Greater Vancouver Area means being accustomed to all the tricks Mother Nature has up her sleeve — especially when it comes to heavy rains, blustery winds, chilling snow, and beating sunshine. You may choose to retreat into the creature comforts of your home’s interior, but we at Mr. Cover All would like to offer you an opportunity to enjoy your outdoor space all year round with some of the industry’s finest European and Canadian-made patio canopy covers, retractable awnings, exterior roll screens, and security roll shutters.

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“My metal canopy with the custom skylights is absolutely fantastic. It allows me to ‘bird watch’ and keep covered all year round — no matter how cold, rainy, OR sunny it may be!”

-Mrs. J. Palmer on her patio canopy cover
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Which Patio Canopy Cover
Or Retractable Awning Is Best For You?

Whether you’re looking to provide a covered play space for your grandchildren during a rainy day, enhance the privacy of your business, reduce the cost of your energy bills, or throw an outdoor barbeque party in the middle of Winter, Mr. Cover All provides you with the flexibility in products — and the guarantee of quality — you need to ensure you get the right patio cover for your unique needs.

Our shutters and awnings are all custom manufactured to your specifications, can be operated with just a touch of a button, and feature state-of-the-art sun and wind sensors as well as timers. We go the extra mile to ensure each element of our products protects and enhances home or business every day.

“These screens do exactly what I want them to do. They are ideal for protecting my family from the wind and sun and also provide us with complete privacy in the evenings.“

-Vince Campi on his exterior roll screens